Lane Ladner




The Rising Star of the Rodeo Arena: Lane Ladner

In the dynamic and dusty arenas of rodeo, there emerges a contender whose story goes far beyond the bucking bulls and the cheering crowds. Lane Ladner isn't just an aspirant aiming for the prestigious southeastern circuit finals; he's a mosaic of unexpected talents, a silent warrior in the fight against adversity, and a spirited soul fueled by unwavering faith. As we saddle up to explore his life, you'll find that there's more to this rodeo athlete than meets the eye.

Lane's Life Beyond Rodeo

Lane's persona, stitched with threads of skill and dedication, is a tapestry of talents. Not only does he dazzle in the rodeo ring, but he's also a masterful welder, his torch weaving strength into metal. His fishing prowess speaks of patience—a virtue that no doubt aids his athletic strategy. And let's not forget his high school fame as "Mr. Athletic," a title that foretold his commitment to sports and fitness.

Personal Attributes

Ask around, and you'll hear that Lane is the epitome of a good person. His friends and those who share the rodeo circuit with him would tell you he's a man of God first and foremost, one who dedicates his achievements to his sport and to those he holds dear. Beyond the thrill of the competition, Lane harbors a deep compassion for the paralyzed, a cause close to his heart as his own mother faces such challenges. This empathy threads through his very existence, underscoring the breadth of his character.

Daily Life and Work Ethic

Dawn breaks with Lane already on the move. By 7 am, he's fuelling his physique, sculpting the athlete with each lift and lunge. His day job? A Farrier, blending his livelihood with his love for horses, crafting horseshoes with the same precision as his rodeo tactics. When not amid the anvil's ring or the arena's dust, he's with family and friends or offering prayers in church pews on Sunday mornings. This balance of life and faith, work and worship, propels him toward his goals.

Lane’s Athletic Journey

In the rodeo world, grit is gold, and Lane's solid, loyal, and determined nature is his winning ticket. These aren't just traits; they are the muscle and bone of a burgeoning career that is quickly gaining momentum. He knows that the path to the top is as rugged as a bull's back, but it's a ride he's ready for, spurred by a heart that knows no quit.


Lane Ladner is not simply chasing a title; he's embodying the spirit of the rodeo with every aspect of his life. Welder, fisherman, athlete, and a beacon of resilience—Lane is a testament to the power of passion and the strength of spirit. We’ll be watching, with bated breath and cheering hearts, as he lassos his dreams in the rodeo circuit.


  1. What drives Lane Ladner to compete in rodeos? Lane is driven by his passion for the sport, his love for horses, and the support of his friends, family, and faith.

  2. How does Lane balance his professional and personal life? Lane maintains a rigorous early morning routine, dedicates his workday to his profession as a Farrier, and reserves time for his family and faith practices.

  3. What are some of Lane's notable skills outside the rodeo arena? Aside from rodeo, Lane is a skilled welder, an avid fisherman, and has a background in athletics from his high school days.

  4. Why is Lane so passionate about organizations supporting the paralyzed? Lane's mother is paraplegic, making the cause deeply personal and significant to him.

  5. What are the characteristics that Lane's friends use to describe him? His friends describe Lane as a good person, loyal, a man of God, and dedicated to his sport and loved ones.