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Beyond the Buck: A Glimpse into the Life of Pro Bronc Rider, Kody Rinehart


Profile Snapshot:

  • Name: Kody Rinehart
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Rienzi, MS
  • Event: Saddle Bronc Riding

Career Highlights:

  • 3x PRCA Southeastern Circuit Qualifier
  • NFR Open Qualifier
  • 3x IPRA World Champion
  • 5x IFR Qualifier
  • 2x College Rodeo Finals Qualifier

In the vast world of rodeo, Kody's achievements stand tall, making waves not just within the sport, but beyond. Rodeo, for him, isn't merely an athletic feat. It's a vessel, a platform, propelling him toward a grander purpose.

Every rodeo journey sees the rear of Kody's van transform into an effervescent coffee hub. The objective? Distinct yet deep: share a coffee moment with every soul on this planet. Dive beneath the surface, and it's clear - it's about kindling relationships and diving into genuine dialogues. This venture embodies Kody's overarching ambition: to love and understand humanity, mirroring the boundless love of Jesus.

Kody observed, “Within the rodeo circles, especially the challenging realm of roughstock, you’ll find competitors who either embrace Jesus wholeheartedly or prefer to maintain their distance.” Yet, this stark contrast doesn't sway Kody's determination. He's convinced that impactful messages aren't limited to formal sermons. They're reflected in the unspoken acts of kindness, compassion, and grace showcased in everyday moments.

Beyond the adrenaline-charged rodeo grounds, Kody extends a heartfelt invitation. Sharing a coffee isn’t just about savoring a drink; it's a therapeutic interlude, a brief retreat. With rodeo participants and their families confronting the myriad challenges of their nomadic existence, Kody's van morphs into a fleeting refuge, a place to rekindle their souls.

Our enlightening chat with Kody, available for perusal on our YouTube channel, offers a deeper look into his intriguing odyssey, the forces driving him, and the myriad tales accrued over endless coffee sessions.

A nod of appreciation to Kody. He illuminates that rodeo, a testament to talent, grit, and resilience, is equally a canvas for fostering love, insight, and camaraderie. To all our readers, as you fervently tread your life’s path, pause, breathe, bond, and perhaps, relish a coffee session with a kindred spirit on the journey.

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what a great story. as Kodys mom I know I’m biased, but he is the real deal. He loves Jesus 1st and foremost, family, friends and rodeo all rank up there together. He is a self made man. No Silverstone, no rodeo family. no fancy training equipment or facility. Just a dream, a will to fight for what he wants and work hard. He is the most deserving young man you will ever meet. May God always bless and keep him. from a mom that love has no boundaries.

Patsy Rinehart

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