Featured Athlete Of The Month - March ‘23 - Fairhope Roughstock Company

Featured Athlete Of The Month - March ‘23

Featured Local Athlete Of The Month - March ‘23

Jaxson Weaver

    Our featured athlete of the month is none other than 9-year-old Jaxson Weaver. Jaxson is a talented young athlete from Citronelle, Al, who has been making waves in the rodeo world with his impressive bull and bronc riding skills. When asked which he likes better, he admits that he prefers broncs because they are easier to ride.

    Jaxson has been riding bulls for three years now and has already made quite a name for himself. However, there's more to this young athlete than just his rodeo talents. He's also a skilled baseball player and plays shortstop. When it comes to school, Jaxson's favorite subject is math.
    Jaxson dreams of becoming a professional bull rider when he grows up, and he knows what he likes to eat as well - a juicy ribeye steak with a baked potato. When it comes to his personality, Jaxson's friends would describe him as wild and athletic.

    Jaxson's next goal is to ride every bull he gets on in the upcoming year, and when he's not working towards his goals, he loves riding his four-wheeler at his Uncle's farm. Jaxson competes in bull riding and bronc riding events in rodeos, and he's currently in the 3rd grade.

    Jaxson Weaver is a talented athlete with a bright future ahead of him. With his determination and natural abilities, it's no wonder that he's making a name for himself in the rodeo world at such a young age. We can't wait to see where his talents take him in the years to come.

Jackson Weaver at a rodeo for Fairhope Roughstock Company Jaxson Weaver riding a bull for Fairhope Roughstock Company
Jaxson Weaver getting ready to ride a bull for Fairhope Roughstock Company.
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