Featured Athlete Of The Month - April ‘23 - Fairhope Roughstock Company

Featured Athlete Of The Month - April ‘23

Featured Local Athlete Of The Month - April ‘23

Keilee Pearce

Keilee Pearce is a 12-year-old rodeo athlete who has been competing since she was able to walk. Despite her young age, Keilee has already made a name for herself in the rodeo world, winning 10 trophy buckles and multiple trophy saddles. She has also broken several arena records for barrel racing and won the all-around cowgirl title in 2018. Keilee's dedication to the sport has earned her over $12,000 in prize money in just one year.

When she's not competing, Keilee enjoys spending time with her best friend and relaxing at the beach. However, her focus always remains on rodeo, and she trains every day to achieve her goal of making it to the 2023 Professional Cowboy Association finals rodeo.

Keilee's older brother, Lane, is the person she admires the most. He encourages her and helps her in any way he can. Keilee also has a hidden talent for trick riding and ropes exceptionally well. Despite her success in the sport, Keilee doesn't have many friends to avoid drama and stay focused on rodeo.

Keilee has been named the rodeo queen for the Jennifer Claire Moore Rodeo twice, a testament to her passion and dedication to the sport. She is a rising star in the rodeo world, and her tenacity and talent are sure to take her far in her career.


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This is my great niece and I am so very proud of her. She truly is dedicated to her barrel racing. She also has a love for all animals. She has healed so many animals. I call her the animal whisper

Kim Hidalgo

Good job Keilee.


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