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Featured Athlete Of The Month - September ‘23

Carson Rodrigue: A Study in Grit, Talent, and Youth in Bull Riding 🤠

In the high-stakes world of rodeo, filled with relentless competition and overflowing talent, Carson Rodrigue stands out as an exceptional figure.. His profile is nothing short of compelling: 14 years old, in the 9th grade, and a series of accolades that have earned him the title of Featured Junior Athlete Of The Month For September.

Defying the norm, Carson's day-to-day life is a unique blend of education and vocation. He homeschools at night and works with his dad during the day training dogs. But when he's not just tending to dogs with Dad; Carson breeds and trains cattle dogs to sell, transforming this enterprise into a revenue stream that covers his rodeo entry fees.

Carson's accolades are equally impressive. Among these are a series of participations in significant rodeo events, including having been invited to the Chris Shivers' Invitational Bull Riding 4 years in a row and making appearances at the National High School Junior Rodeo Finals 2 years in a row. His dedication culminated in winning the title of Louisiana state champion bull rider in 2022 and being named the reserve state champion in 2023. 🏆

The cornerstone of his remarkable journey? Discipline. His daily regimen is rigorous to say the least. He starts every day at 6 am by running a mile, then doing pushups and leg workouts before work. And his days conclude with equally intensive activities, as he trains most every night on bulls. Yet, he does find time for leisure; in his spare time, he likes to hang out with his friends and play football. 🏈

Carson Rodrigue epitomizes what can be accomplished when youthful enthusiasm is directed by relentless discipline and focus. His exploits serve as a blueprint for young, aspiring athletes, showing that age is but a number when measured against sheer will and dedication. 💪

For those interested in getting a closer look into the life of this extraordinary young athlete, don't miss the video interview embedded above this article. In it, Carson shares candid insights into his rigorous training, lifestyle, and future ambitions. It's an invaluable opportunity to witness first-hand the formation of a rodeo star in the making. Make it a point to watch; it will be time well spent.🎥

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