Featured Athlete Of The Month - July ‘23 - Fairhope Roughstock Company

Featured Athlete Of The Month - July ‘23

Xander Schroeder: A Force to Be Reckoned With

In the vast world of rodeo, a name that has quickly garnered attention and admiration is Xander Schroeder. At just six years old, Xander is not just an ordinary first grader - he's our featured junior rodeo athlete of the month at Fairhope Roughstock Company.

A Star in the Making

Xander's passion for rodeo was ignited when he was barely out of toddlerhood. At the age of three, he got on his first bareback pony. Only a year later, he took a bold leap and hopped on his first bull. Since then, Xander has been on approximately 150 bulls to date, a figure that not only showcases his audacity but also his commitment to the sport.

Xander's zeal for bull riding and bronc riding has taken him to significant platforms, such as the International Mini Bull Association (IMBA) world finals and Professional Bull Riders (PBR) competitions, where he has competed twice. It's no small feat for a kid his age, but Xander's unfaltering dedication and love for the sport make it seem like child's play.

More Than Just a Rodeo Star

But rodeo isn't the only field in which Xander shines. He is also a formidable force in other sports, namely flag football and wrestling. As a leading tackler in flag football, Xander exhibits the same tenacity and resilience he brings to the rodeo ring. His wrestling accomplishments are equally remarkable, having been the Michigan State Runner-Up at 49 lbs, the North Dakota State Champion at 4 years old, and boasting a staggering 116 match wins in the past three years.

Despite the rodeo arenas and sports fields taking up a large chunk of his time, Xander manages to excel in his academic pursuits as well. His favorite subject is math, demonstrating that his talents stretch far beyond the physical realm.

A Life Lived in Full

Living in five different states – Nevada, California, North Dakota, Washington DC, and Michigan – has undoubtedly contributed to Xander's adaptability, a trait that serves him well in every rodeo event he competes in. Apart from this, Xander also plays a fun role as an "assistant basketball coach." His father, the assistant General Manager for a professional basketball team, often allows Xander to assist in practice, further enhancing his love for sports.

Despite his bustling schedule, Xander finds time to enjoy simple pleasures. When he's not competing or practicing, he loves playing with his hot wheels cars and bull riding toys, swimming, and playing catch with his dad. Xander also has a deep-rooted desire to join the Army when he grows up, inspired by his uncles who served before him.

Xander Schroeder is an impressive example of a young athlete living his dreams. With his unwavering passion for rodeo and his diverse talents, he continues to inspire young and old, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to achieving greatness. As he grows and matures, we can only anticipate even more achievements from this dedicated young star. We are incredibly proud to have him as our featured junior rodeo athlete of the month.

Fairhope Roughstock Company's junior athlete, Xander, winning wrestling championshipXander Schroeder, Fairhope Roughstock Company's featured junior athlete, at a rodeoXander Schroeder, Fairhope Roughstock Company's featured junior athlete, at a rodeoXander Schroeder, Fairhope Roughstock Company's featured junior athlete, at a rodeo
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