Featured Athlete Of The Month - August ‘23 - Fairhope Roughstock Company

Featured Athlete Of The Month - August ‘23

Junior Rodeo Prodigy: Meet 6-year-old Corbin Bond

We are thrilled to introduce you to a dynamic young rodeo talent, Corbin Bond, who at a tender age of six, is already making waves in the junior rodeo circuit. This month, we spotlight Corbin, our shining star of the month, who demonstrates maturity, skill, and grit far beyond his years.

Introduction to Rodeo

Corbin, a diligent first-grader, has always been a child who loves a challenge. In September of 2021, his curiosity led him to the fascinating world of rodeos and horses. It was love at first sight, and there was no looking back for Corbin after that. Almost a year later, in August 2022, Corbin fearlessly entered his first rodeo, ready to take on the thrilling adventures of this exciting sport.

Rodeo Skills and Competitions

In the past, Corbin used to be apprehensive even about trotting a pony. But today, he's bravely riding bulls and sweeping audiences off their feet with his breathtaking performances. He participates in a variety of competitions including mutton bustin', dummy roping, barrel racing, and pole bending. These multiple skills make him a versatile performer and a strong contender for the coveted title of All-Around Cowboy this year.

Corbin competes in several associations such as the RockN5L, Georgia Junior Rodeo Association, and North Georgia National Little Britches Rodeo Association. His dedication and commitment to the sport are truly inspiring.

Growth and Learning

Every ride, win or lose, is a step forward for Corbin. He considers each failed ride as a learning opportunity to refine his skills, showcasing an incredible ability to adapt and grow. His unique perspective on failure, treating it as a stepping stone to success, serves as a lesson for us all.

Impact of Rodeo on Corbin's Life

One of the most commendable impacts of rodeo on Corbin's life is the real confidence boost it has given him. It has not only helped him to overcome his fears but also fostered a sense of responsibility and deep affection towards the animals he interacts with. He loves to care for his ponies, giving them baths, and ensuring their wellbeing, demonstrating the gentle heart that beats under his tough rodeo exterior.

At Fairhope Roughstock Company, we are incredibly proud to support young talents like Corbin who embody the spirit of rodeo. His passion, commitment, and love for the sport inspire us and remind us of the bright future ahead for rodeo.

Watch Corbin in Action

Tune into our YouTube video above to watch our exclusive interview with Corbin and witness the charm and charisma of this rising rodeo star.

Let's cheer on Corbin as he continues to break barriers, chase his dreams, and leave a trail of dust behind!

Ride on, Corbin! We can't wait to see where your rodeo journey takes you!

Image of six-year-old Corbin Bond competing in various junior rodeo events such as mutton bustin', dummy roping, barrel racing, and pole bending, and enjoying the western lifestyle, as part of the Featured Junior Rodeo Athlete of the Month series by Fairhope Roughstock Company.


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